Frequently Asked Questions

When’s the best weather?

There are trends in Tahoe but there is an old saying wait 20 minutes and the weather will change. We have lived here for 25+ years and have seen enough changes to say “we don’t know”. It’s safe to say the weather is consistently warm after June 15th. There are some winters where it is beautiful in May though. The summer will see sporadic thunderstorms, but they do not last long and add beautiful clouds to an already magnificent backdrop! Ask any local and they will say the best weather is in September. That is a trend we have seen, but there is always one cold weekend that kills the garden. When that happens, varies.

What happens if it rains?

We do have a plan B in case there is foul weather. We have relationships with local hotels that have wedding chapels where we can move the ceremony indoors. We have found that if you wait a little while the weather will change.

What time am I allowed in to setup?

The site is available 30 minutes prior to ceremony time. If you need more time special arrangements can be made but there may be an extra fee involved. It’s important to allow time between ceremonies for clean-up, parking to free up and our staff to get your wedding organized.

Is 1.5 hours enough time?

We have found this time frame to work for 98% of our weddings. Most ceremonies are short and professional photographers can easily get those great shots in this time frame. The only time you will feel rushed is if you are running late or doing major decorations.

What do I get?

The services you receive are found in our rates. The fee is the same whether you have 2 people or 150. You are renting the area and all the amenities that go with it. We do not provide the minister, photography or flowers.

What’s the building next to the site?

The building by the ceremony site is the LPA pumphouse. The beach is owned by the local water district and the water is pulled in from the lake and that building stores pumps that move the water two blocks to the filtration unit. In the winter it really sticks out, but in the summer the trees bloom and cover it up nicely. there are no bathrooms in the pumphouse. Those are 50 yards down the beach.

Is there a bridal changing / prep room?

No, come ready we do not have a changing facility at the site. We do not have a preparation room.

Is this a Public or Private beach?

It’s a Private beach with public access, operated by the LPA. The LPA will allow access to the beach for area hotel guests who have a beach pass. The general public can enter if they pay a nominal fee. That fee goes into maintaining the beach and paying for the Lifeguard and other items. Alcohol, glass and dogs are not allowed on the beach. This makes it very family and wedding friendly.

Can I have my reception there?

Our permit does not allow receptions in this area. If you wish to have a reception we are centrally located so you are close to dozens of wedding reception sites. No cake cuttings or champagne toasts are allowed either.

What is the sand like?

The sand at our beach is decomposed Granite. The coarseness varies, like at many Tahoe beaches. It is more compact than ocean sand and easier to walk in. A carpet aisle runner is available for a nominal fee if you want stability while walking down the aisle. Many people do want that ‘toes in the sand’ experience! The chairs are setup in the sand, so your guests will get it too.

Is there a Microphone available?

A wireless handheld microphone with a stand is available for your use. There is no fee

Do you have a Sound System we can use?

A peavey 800 amplified sound system is available for you to use. Our staff can operate this for you or you may have a guest. A plug is available for most portable devices. A chord can run from headphone jack to sound system. Musicians can plug into the system, but we ask they play at a background noise level. We are in a public area and noise is a concern.

What are your Packages?

Traditional wedding packages that include minister , photography, flowers are not offered by us. We do have vendors that package our site into their more traditional package. We allow local vendors to work at this site and are not exclusive to anyone.

What type of Lodging is available?

Many hotels are located within walking distance of the site. Our list is by no means comprehensive.

Do you have an Aisle Runner?

Available for $100 or if you choose our premium ceremony it is included. It is a thick carpet not the thin mesh found in a church or chapel. We do not recommend the thin mesh runner. The sand and wind will not allow you to keep it neat and flat.

What is the Parking situation? Should we shuttle guests?

Depending upon the time of day and year this is something to consider. The beach is busy during the summer between the hours of 12 – 4. If you can shuttle during those times you will not fight the crowds. The parking can fill up in the summer time.
If you can afford it, think about a shuttle for your guests.

How do couples arrive at the beach?

You can arrive at the site in various modes. Carriage, Limo or even a bus!

Is the Minister included in your fee?

Not included, but there are many you can choose from.

Can I have a Rehearsal?

They are offered after 7pm or around 8am unless a wedding is not scheduled. We can firm up rehearsal times one month out. It’s a balancing act with weddings usually the night before. We keep the sunset time open for rehearsals since we know most people would like to do one, however if a wedding is scheduled it takes priority. They come free with our premium package.
Keep in mind you can do a rehearsal anywhere, if you know the distances and dimensions of the site.

Do you offer Winter weddings?

They are not permitted. We are pursuing this option because there are many days where it is absolutely amazing! Call the Lakeside Park Association at 530-542-2410

Do you need a Permit to have a wedding at the beach?

Yes. Weddings at Lakeside Beach owns the permit to have weddings at beach. No unauthorized weddings are allowed. We have had the permit for 15 years through the LPA.

Where can I get a License?

El Dorado county, California. We are in California
Douglas county, Nevada

When is the Sunset?

Can be found here.- point towards the west so the sun can be in your guest’s eyes at certain times. We can adjust the chairs accordingly.

Where can I get an Address and Map to the wedding site?

See the Map on our home page.

Can I get a refund if I cancel?

The Initial Deposit is non-refundable unless we can rebook the site. There is a $200 admin fee to rebook if you cancel. We can carry the deposit over to the following year.